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Amnesty International

There are few phenomenona like the one that is presented here... continue

United Nations Lisbons Information Centre

At the moment in which this travelling exhibition... continue

The Mexican Academy of Human Right

This Exhibition captures with words and images a unique... continue

Italian Culture Institute

The exhibition entitled "Inquisition and Secular Justice" has been... continue

International Torture Exhibition

Torture is the natural history of infamy. And it is not unusual.... continue

Torture Reflections

...Yet another question about whether or not it is appropriate... continue

"The truth one chooses depends on the person one is"

"There is no event that leaves me unaffected and there is no event upon which I can be of no influence"
Father D. M. Turoldo

"Each of us, in our own time and space, on a big or small scale, is always responsible for all of that which happens in the world"
Father D. M. Turoldo

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