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At the moment in which this travelling exhibition of "TORTURE INSTRUMENTS" begins to go through several capital cities, it begins period of reflection. Having laid old concepts to rest, thanks to the Fifth Article of the Human Rights Declaration, we thought that together we could say "NEVER AGAIN" (NUNCA MAIS).

Unfortunately, these instruments will reappear and be much more sophisticated. Today the people are torturated by thousands and in such a sophisticated manner that it is impossible to appreciate that it is torture, in fact. But torture, it is torture come will in no matter what guise.

We thought that, nowadays, such terrible things could not happen. Unfortunately we were wrong. As we approach the end to the 20th century, we see: in Europe, Africa, Asia and the two Americas, thousands of people fleeing in order to avoid being exhaustion, hunger, or sickness, then forced to return so the family can survive. The people who remain become easy victims in the hands of torturers.

It is in this context, that we pause, we invite everyone to visit this travelling exhibition of "TORTURE INSTRUMENTS" that will provoke reflection on the inauspicious effects of the war, discrimination, hunger, illiteracy as other forms of torture.

The Third Article of the Human Rights Declaration states that: "Every man has a right to life, to freedom and personal security". If we are not capable of enforcing and elevating human rights by our voices so that this thought realizes itself we cannot say "NEVER AGAIN" (NUNCA MAIS).

Carlos Dos Santos
Lisbon 1994


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