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...Yet another question about whether or not it is appropriate to have these catalogues and these exhibitions. Exhibitions on torture, precisely! Present, publish, exhibit? Or instead remove? There are those who say that these things are repugnant! To talk about them or publicize them is a mistake. It is, therefore, best to hide them, best to ignore them.

These people do not know that the more one ignores the easier it is that everything go on in the same way as before, and that it maybe get worst. It is not a coincidence that torturers act in unknown places, in the darkness: They wish for silence to fall on their evil deeds. All of these people are not aware of the fact that it is precisely the discovery of evil that is good, as it allows you to draw the strength to combat it and win. All those who favor ignorance and denial are unconsciously in favor of the continuing of evil. Independently of their will. Instead we say that this reality too should be part of the school curriculum, we should start raising consciousness precisely in the schools! Then we would be justified in hoping that things may change. Because, up to now, the crazy practice of torture not only has not ceased, but it has in fact gotten worse. Indeed today, more than physical, torture has become psychological, it is mental torture. Torture not only digs its instruments in the flesh, but also penetrates the spirit. This is a monstruous confirmation of what is written in the New Testament: "Do not fear those who kill your body as much as those who kill your soul."

Finally, a third question, that I hope everyone will try to answer, or at least help us answer. A philosopher once said that "The slumber of reason generates monsters". It is true, no one can say what darkness is hiding in its womb. And yet, in Faust, Mephistopheles, in the prologue in Paradise, thanks God for giving man Reason, so that they "may be fiercer in evil". So then: if reason enables us to be more sophisticated in evil, and if whenthe slumber of reason generates monsters, I am tempted to say that reason is not enough. A conclusion is then inevitable: It is precisely here that faith is needed.

I agree, let it really be faith and not religious fanaticism! Because if it were the latter, the darkness produced would be even worse than the slumber of reason.

Reflections presented by David M. Turoldo and Roberto Carlo Moretti.


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